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Hannon Properties, LLC is your “One Stop” full service real estate firm serving seven (7) counties to provide all of your Home Selling and Home Buying Needs. Our agents are available to serve Gwinnett, Hall, Forsyth, North Fulton, Barrow, Walton and Rockdale Counties and we are constantly adding more agents to serve you. When you come to Hannon Properties, LLC you will be in the great hands of your trusted adviser and your skillful facilitator. Our in-house mortgage lender will have buyers approved so that when they make an offer it is a solid offer with none of the “pre-qualification” or “pre-approval” issues that might pop up.


If you’re ready to sell your home and live in Georgia, contact us today.  Georgia has certian guidelines that you must meet when it comes to selling your home.  Hannon Properties LLC can help you understand the different legal aspects of selling your home, including closing costs & paperwork.


If you’d like to start earning income with a residential rental property in Georgia, contact us today.  Based on the type of home you have, you may be eligible to lease your property to more than one person.  Contact Hannon Properties LLC today and learn how your real estate can earn you monthly income. 


Rental Property in Georgia is often rented to an individual by utilizing a lease.  Contact Hannon Properties LLC today and learn how we can help you make sure you are renting your home who meets your income requirements & rental history.  Talk with a qualified real estate agent specializing in Georgia rentals today.


Refinancing your home gives you the opportunity to save money by selecting a different mortgage company, or signing a new contract with your current mortgage company.  This can be done to save money, or gives you the opportunity to upgrade your current home. 


Does your home need improvements, but you don’t know where to start?  Hannon Properties LLC can help you maximize your home’s equity by providing the necessary financing options for making home upgrades.  Roofing, painting, landscaping, and building add-ons all helps.  


Do you own a piece of residental real estate property that can be zoned as commercial?  Hannon Properties LLC can help you with the fine print in turning your residential land into commercial land.  Schedule an appointment today and learn how Hannon Properties LLC can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Real Estate

Take the guesswork out of selling a Georgia Home. Hannon Properties has real estate agents ready to help take the hassle out of selling your Georgia home.  Schedule an appointment today with one of our qualified real estate agents to get the most out of your home sale.  

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There are several ways to sell a home, however one of the fastest ways is by something called a “short sale,” which the seller of the home isn’t focused on getting the most money out of the sale.  Hannon Properties LLC can help you sell your home quickly and effectively.  Contact us today to find out how much you can get for your home.   

If you’re looking to get the most money on your home sale, these types of sales take more time.  A few things you can do to maximize your return on your home sale:

  1. Get your home appraised
  2. Find out what you can do to improve the home – fix the roof, landscaping, new appliances, etc.
  3. Post your home on listing services and see what you’re offered.  
  4. Don’t accept the first offer you receive. 

Schedule your appointment today with a qualified real estate agent to help you maximize your investment. 

Even if you owe money on your home, you are able to sell the home.  What usually happens is the buyer will make an offer, and you’ll have to pay off the amount owed on the mortgage before you can provide the new owner with the title.  Hannon Properties LLC can help you with the legal aspect of things to make your home sale a success. 

If you’re selling your home in Florida, it’s vital to understand what types of final closing costs, legal paperwork, taxes, and other fees you may be respo9nsible for once the home sells.  Make sure you understand all of the legalities before you make the final sale.  

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If you’ve recently been contacted by somebody looking to purchase your home, make sure you talk with a Hannon Properties agent today.  Sometimes, people receive a notification that their house is worth X amount of dollars – however that sounds like a good price compared to what you paid for it – it may be worth a lot more.  2021 is a sellers market, and you can get a lot more for your prime property than you may think.  A home that you purchased in 1990 on the Emerald Coast for $500k may be worth close to a million (although we highly recommend talking with an agent or appraiser to get you the exact value). 

When you decide to sell your home, working with a real estate agent makes the process between seller-and -buyer less strenious.  As the seller, you will not have to talk with every single person interested in buying the home, and will only talk with people who are seriously interested in making the final purchase.  In some instances, you may only talk with a pre-approved buyer.  It also guarantees that all of the paperwork is completed properly, and that you are covered in case there are any final discrepancies.  

Hannon Properties has an office in Ft. Walton Beach and serves the Emerald Coast.  If you currently have property in the Fort Walton Beach, FL area that you’d like to sell, or are looking to purchase waterfront property, contact Hannon Properties LLC today and talk with one of our experienced REALTOR Real Estate Agents. 

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Dan Hannon

Dan has 30 years experience in real estate and has been helping people find their ideal homes in Georgia. When he isn't working, he can be found helping his local community.

Corey Peace

Corey Peace is a mortgage banker with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group & has been helping people get the funding they need to accomplish their real estate goals since 2003.

John Laster

John Laster is the preferred closing attorney with Hannon Properties LLC. His law firm, Laster Legal, has a team ready to help with closing on your real estate investment.

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Have questions about buying or selling real estate in Georgia or Florida?  Would you like to schedule an appointment to talk with a licensed real estate agent?  Contact Hannon Properties LLC today for answers to all of your questions about buying and selling real estate in Georgia & Florida.